Fall 2015

New Plans for Your Library

The Library Trustees are having an interesting time working with Paul Mays, an architect from Ballston Spa who has experience in helping Libraries re-envision the use of space as they plan for the future of library service. The technological revolution has brought opportunities as well as challenges to all libraries. With e-books more popular, one may not need as much shelf space for hard cover books. On the other hand, adequate space is needed for those using computers or holding teleconferences. Libraries are now community centers where all sorts of activities occur. At present many of our Willsboro Library activities take place in the big main room of the Library: the Library Jam Band rehearses in the center of the room, Tony D’Angelo’s Meditation Group perches in front of the fireplace, Art Show panels weave through the middle area, while lectures take up all available space. Fortunately most of these offerings do not happen at the same time, but, nonetheless, especially in the summer, accommodating many needs can be a challenge. The Trustees want to maintain the integrity of the Library’s historic main room, perhaps rearranging it in a more flexible way. They realize that Library activities occur on three floors and yet these are unconnected by an elevator. Should new space be added on at the rear of the building? All these considerations are being analyzed by the architect. We will keep you in touch with the developments taking place at your Library!

Adirondack Foundation Provides Funding for Summer Reading Program

The Adirondack Foundation partners and mobilizes resources for organizations through many different funds. Through the Essex Community Fund we received $500 to support our three reading programs this summer. As part of the Willsboro Youth Program, the Paine Library provides a small reading library at Noblewood. Each day around 70 children rotate into this library in small groups and read everyday Monday through Thursday for six weeks. Accumulated hours read were 1381 Hours! We also provide one-on-one reading assistance for children at the Library throughout the summer. Suzette Montville works with the children on reading comprehension, listening, speaking and writing. This program focuses on reading but makes time for fun language activities and games. Suzette also runs a Friday Story Hour for three to five year olds. Here the children listen to stories and enjoy a guided activity related to a weekly theme, enjoy a snack, and choose books to borrow. Many thanks go to the Adirondack Foundation/Essex Community Fund for helping make these programs successful!


Learning to Play the Banjo …By Jim Davis


I was TRICKED into learning to play this wonderful instrument two years ago by a friend and neighbor I much admire; Jennifer Moore, music teacher at Willsboro Central School. And I’ll always be grateful to her for that, because I’ve enjoyed the instrument, and particularly all the good people I’ve come to know who enjoy this very “American” style of music. Jenn invited me to come up to WCS to see what she was doing with a program she called “Bluegrass for the Next Generation”. When I walked in the door, she handed me a banjo and sat me down with nine or ten other people who were just getting their fingers on the strings for the first time. I’ve had lots of exposure to music, but my experience with a B-flat trumpet didn’t help much. The music isn’t even written on the normal music staff. But it’s great FUN!

Don Vaccaro generously sold me a very nice banjo a few months later for a bargain price, so I had no excuse for not taking this opportunity seriously. And I have to confess I’ve enjoyed every minute I’ve spent practicing and “jamming” with the group that Cheryl Blanchard is mentoring on banjo at the Paine Free Library. Who would ever have guessed that the librarian there is very capable on this instrument, and how many libraries do you know that would entertain the thought of a group of amateurs plunking away on their banjos in the basement two Wednesday afternoons each month? Who knew?

All of us have marveled at one time or another at a man like Steve Light of the Bluegrass Gospel Project whizzing thru a banjo solo as if his fingers were programmed by a computer. And each of us has said to ourselves, “I wish I could do that, but I can plainly see it would be IMPOSSIBLE!” WRONG! We have all learned that you can enjoy “making music” with only three basic cords, and some very simple “rolls”, i.e. fingerings. As with any instrument, you get out of it what you put into practice time, but it is entirely wrong-headed to think that you have to be born in West Virginia, or must have a God-given “talent” for music and the banjo to make music you and others can enjoy.

I gotta go now. I’m determined to figure out how to play

“John Henry” before our meeting at the Paine Free Library next Wednesday, and I haven’t gotten my banjo out of its case since I practiced last night.

With Sincerest Thanks to Jennifer Moore and Cheryl Blanchard,

Jim Davis


Schedule of Events

· Mondays, Computer Classes by appointment.

· Mondays at 5:15 pm Meditation: The key to success

· Wednesdays 6:30—8:30 pm Library Jam Band

· Fridays, Story Hour for 3 year olds (must register)

· 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month, beginning banjo lessons at 5pm

· November 10th Friends of the Library meeting 1pm

· November 18th Readers Group

· 1st & 3rd Friday of every month, the Jam Band performs at Champlain Valley Senior Community - Free and open to the public, 2:00 pm

· November 11th closed for Veterans Day

· December 7th—22nd Annual Holiday Sale, scratch off wreath will be raffled off.

· December 16th Readers Group

Join the Friends of the Library Today. 


Have you paid your dues yet?  Do you have know what the Friends of the Paine Memorial Library accomplish for the benefit of the library? 

This enterprising group handles the annual golf tournament-from planning the event and gathering prizes to the food!  They also help with the newsletter, decorate the library for the holidays, and run our annual book sale. This group also provides funding for much needed items in your library such as the new folding chairs used for programs. They also purchase other items from the director’s “Wish List” as their budget permits.




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